Diamond 7 | Prolights

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7x15W moving LED wash with pixel effects

Diamond 7 is the most compact fixture of the stunning Diamond LED pixel wash family. As a wash light, the 6° – 66° zoom, even beam and fantastic colour range create a true workhorse fixture. For the next level, individual control of each LED pixel with switch system, tied with the Diamond’s clever optical design and its onboard effects provides ‘eye candy’ effects both to look at and in the air. Compact, consistent and clever, the Diamond 7 makes a statement, even when space is an issue.

  • 7x15W Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs provide an extensive and consistent colour range
  • Individual control of pixels (on/off switch) with on-board FX generator for fast, precise effects
  • Liquid cooling system for efficient cooling with virtually no noise


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