DeltaPix 48T | Prolights

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Outdoor rental 4,8 mm LED screen with power backup and floor application

DeltaPix 48T is a rental LED screen for outdoor use with a 4,8 mm pixel pitch, designed to meet requirements for demanding touring and other semi-permanent outdoor applications.
The DeltaPix 48T panels can be curved up to 10° concave, and support automatic power backup in case of any PSU failures. The DeltaPix 48T can also befloor mounted, by placing panels on their dedicated floor base and applying a selection of black or transparent floor cover.
The on-board electronics include the latest generation of Novastar A5s receiver card and refresh rate up to 3.840 Hz.

  • Floor function and curvable up to 10° concave
  • Automatic power backup
  • Refresh rate of 3.840 Hz
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